Scientists Canvas turns 6 months old!

Scientists Canvas turns 6 months old![]Sep 13, 2011
   First off, happy 6 months! This site started as a repository for our own personal interesting links in various topics and has grown into a website with nearly 100 daily users! We would like to take this opportunity to say "hello" to our active followers, and hopefully you will take the time to introduce yourselves in the comment section below. We would love to hear more of what you're interested in and are always open to suggestion for the direction and content of the website. We have multiple individuals who submit new and interesting articles on a regular basis, and have just recently hit 600 articles.
To celebrate our first 6 months, our designer/programmer beckerist has provided us with a new, minimalist design that has not only increased page load times by over 4 times, but has reduced the bandwidth used by each page by over 90% in an effort to give our followers a slicker interface to use. The site is still best optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but now works much better in IE. Thank you beckerist!
In the very near future beckerist also plans to release a Chrome plugin to facilitate article submission down to a single button click. Keep your eyes peeled and we will announce it here as soon as it is released!
Here's to another successful 6 months!

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